Thousands of Healthcare Workers Fed by Foundation Meal Train

During the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare workers across the nation have been working long days and nights to care for our loved ones. Their breaks are few and far between — meaning that some have been skipping meals on a daily basis. We wanted to help keep the dedicated healthcare workers of San Mateo County focused and not have them worry about trying to find something to eat. We found an excellent platform called Meal Train and created a campaign to feed staff at county clinics. It didn’t take long for our community to answer the call and move us with their generosity.

The Foundation Meal Train has seen several contributions from individual donors, businesses, and charity organizations. Among some of the donors to participate have been establishments like Jack’s Prime, Wursthall, and Starbird Chicken. Bay Area companies like Facebook and Microsoft reached out and provided historic meal donations of 500 meals in one day (check out the Instagram album of the donation). We were also touched by local charitable organizations like the Foster City Lions Club and Friends of the Frontline that donated several weeks in a row.

Meal Train

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