The San Mateo County Health Foundation is grateful to all the individuals, organizations, and businesses that have contributed to our mission. We invite you to read their stories below. Click Read More under each story to learn more. If you’d like to support our Foundation feel free to visit the donate page!

Hundreds of Thousands of PPE Donated During COVID-19

PPE Donation

At the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, one immediate concern became abundantly clear — the need for PPE for the entire county clinic system. The Foundation sent a call to action to our community to assist us in donating PPE. What happened next surpassed our wildest expectations and led to over 100,000 pieces of PPE being donated.

Keller Center for Family Violence Intervention

Keller Center

In August 2001, philanthropists George and Adelaide Keller, reached out to the San Mateo Medical Center and our Foundation. The Kellers had been long time supporters and wanted to donate $2 million dollars to fund a facility to protect our county’s most vulnerable citizens — victims of sexual abuse.

Thousands of Healthcare Workers Fed by Foundation Meal Train

Meal Train

During the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare workers have been working long days and nights to care for our loved ones. They take few breaks — which means that some have been skipping meals. We wanted to give a boost to the healthcare workers of San Mateo County and not have them worry about trying to find something to eat. We found a platform called Meal Train. This led to a campaign of individuals, organizations, and businesses donating meals for thousands of medical staff members across county clinics.

Bundle of Joy for Families in Poverty

Bundle of Joy

In 2010, the Foundation in partnership with San Mateo Medical Center launched the Bundle of Joy program. For 10 years, this program has been a crucial community resource to help pregnant mothers in poverty. Foundation volunteers — like Rita (a former nurse) and Mark Nevarez — assemble thousands of bags of babycare supplies for families in need. The program also offers wellness exams before and after the baby is born as well as three phases of support.

Providing Healthcare Access to All

The San Mateo County Health Foundation is dedicated to ensuring county citizens, regardless of ability to pay, have access to the best possible healthcare. We support initiatives to provide healthcare services to the underprivileged, underinsured, and uninsured. We do this by providing crucial aid to facilities across the county that care for 70,000 residents each year. Here are some of the facilities that your donation helps support.

  • San Mateo Medical Center

  • Ron Robinson Senior Care Center

  • Keller Center for Family Violence Intervention

  • Sequoia Teen Wellness Center

  • Fair Oaks Health Center

  • South San Francisco Clinic

  • Daly City Health Center

  • Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

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