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The following is a list of the programs you support by donating to the San Mateo County Health Foundation. You can learn more about the efforts of our dedicated Foundation supporters by visiting our Success Stories page too. Thank you to all who help our mission!

Keller Center for Family Violence Intervention

Keller Center for Family Violence Intervention

The Keller Center for Family Violence Intervention is a unique, multi-disciplinary, nationally recognized clinic in the San Mateo Medical Center. It serves the needs of victims of child physical and sexual abuse and neglect, adult sexual abuse, domestic violence and elder abuse. The clinic provides a compassionate, culturally sensitive, family-oriented experience for victims of abuse, minimizing trauma and maximizing outcomes.

The Keller Center currently treats over 500 victims per year and provides services to over 1,200 community members in need. Victims come from every city in San Mateo County, with no geographic or socioeconomic barrier. 60 percent of the victims are children.  Learn More

Ron Robinson Senior Care Center

Ron Robinson Senior Care Center

Ron Robinson Senior Care Center, located on the first floor of the San Mateo Medical Center, is a unique outpatient clinic for seniors, family members and caregivers, offering comprehensive services and a multi-disciplinary approach to optimal health. From psychiatry to podiatry, a team of primary care physicians, nurses, specialists, and mental health professionals treat patients in one location.  Learn More

Bundle of Joy

Bundle of Joy

The arrival of a new baby begins another chapter in the life of a family. For many families, the expected birth of a child is an exciting and joyful experience. However, for many new parents who are living at or below the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), this time can be quite unsettling and even daunting from a financial perspective. The San Mateo County Health Foundation in partnership with San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC) launched the Bundle of Joy Program in 2010 to assist these new parents as they begin the journey of starting a family.  Learn More

Digital Mammography

Breast Health Outreach & Support

San Mateo County Health Foundation is partnering with the San Mateo Medical Center to provide access to the best possible breast cancer information and diagnostic tools for the underserved residents in San Mateo County.  Learn More

Hospital Bed and Tray

Equipment for the San Mateo Medical Center

Donations to the Foundation can help finance new equipment purchases for the San Mateo Medical Center. Having access to innovative technology is crucial to the mission of providing the best possible care to over 70,000 patients every year.  Learn More

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