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Caring Hands In Health

Caring Hands in Health extends vital support to the most vulnerable patients within San Mateo Medical Center’s hospital and clinics. Our mission is to swiftly address the needs of these patients and their families with dignity, thereby enhancing healthcare accessibility for at-risk populations in our community.

Recognized as one of our most indispensable programs, Caring Hands in Health embodies compassion by offering immediate assistance to those in dire circumstances. Any member of the San Mateo Medical Center staff or provider can initiate support by submitting a HIPAA-compliant application on behalf of a patient.

Our foundation offers financial aid for essential needs such as groceries and accessibility equipment, assists with medical billing including prescriptions and insurance deductibles, provides emergency housing aid, and implements specialized meal plans for seniors.

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If you would like to financially support the program, please click the link below.

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Patient Application

If you are a staff member from SMMC or Puente and you’d like to fill out a form for a patient, please click below.

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San Mateo County Health Foundation, incorporated in 1989, is a public 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting San Mateo Medical Center and county clinics.