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San Mateo County Health Foundation


In 1989, a group of four very active community leaders and volunteers were concerned about how the vulnerable residents of San Mateo County would access affordable healthcare.

Anna Eshoo, now a Congresswoman, was a consensus builder who fought for access to healthcare for families and children. Margaret Taylor, a newly appointed Assistant Director in the San Mateo County Health Services Agency was troubled about the new health crisis she was seeing with HIV AIDS. Evelyn Stanton volunteered for more than 40 years at the local, state, and national level before becoming Executive Director of the Mental Health Association (MHA). Linda Gregory was a union activist. These four women advocated on behalf of vulnerable citizens and convinced an individual to fund what is now San Mateo County Health Foundation.


As we move forward our goal is to continue the work of these incredible women by providing strategic funding for programs and services that enhance the health of our community.


Public hospitals, community clinics, health centers, and local providers that serve disadvantaged communities provide a crucial healthcare safety net for the underinsured and uninsured.

However, these providers have limited resources and service capacity. Not all uninsured people have geographic access either. The San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC) hospital and clinics are the safety net hospital for residents of San Mateo County. San Mateo County Health Foundation, in partnership with SMMC hospital and clinics, secures funding to support quality care for 77,000 adults and children every year.

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San Mateo County Health Foundation (SMCHF) exists to promote and champion the health and wellbeing of all residents of our community, regardless of ability to pay, primarily through supporting excellence and innovation in the County’s hospital and clinic system.


Every citizen in our community has access to basic needs for a happy and healthy life.


They guide how we achieve and support our mission and vision.

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Our work would not be possible without our generous donors. Please donate today and let your family and friends know about San Mateo County Health Foundation. Thank you for helping to support our mission to provide the best possible healthcare to all county citizens.

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San Mateo County Health Foundation, incorporated in 1989, is a public 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting San Mateo Medical Center and county clinics.