San Mateo County Health Foundation is committed to advancing wellness in our community. As the fundraising arm of San Mateo Medical Center, we believe that for everyone to achieve optimal health, our county must be a place that improves the health of all. Through our partnership with San Mateo Medical Center, we’re helping achieve the Board of Supervisors’ vision of health, safety and access to care for all. Without San Mateo Medical Center, the burden would be placed on private hospitals by overloading emergency rooms, the provider of last resort for those without access to health care. San Mateo Medical Center is an essential and critical community resource.

Who We Are

San Mateo County Health Foundation’s mission is to promote and champion the health and well-being of all residents of our community, regardless of ability to pay, primarily through supporting excellence and innovation in the County’s hospital and clinic system.

What We Do

Over 28 year ago, dedicated community members gathered together to support public health services in San Mateo County. With seed money from a generous private donor, San Mateo County Health Foundation was created to invest in programs and innovations designed to improve the lives and health of the residents of San Mateo County. Since then the Foundation has provided indispensable financial support for vital, often unique, health care services and programs which, in turn, has propelled San Mateo Medical Center hospital and clinics into national recognition for its work, both in the private and public health care world.

The Foundation represents a long tradition in San Mateo County of community members stepping forward to preserve and maintain access to vital human services for all residents. In 2001, Foundation donors George and Addie Keller imagined a one-of-a-kind crisis intervention program for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse by providing $2 million dollars, thereby creating the Keller Center for Family Violence Intervention.

Why We Do It

Public hospitals, community clinics, health centers, and local providers that serve disadvantaged communities provide a crucial health care safety net for the underinsured, uninsured and individuals. However, safety net providers have limited resources and service capacity, and not all uninsured people have geographic access to a safety net provider. San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC) hospital and clinics is the safety net hospital for residents of San Mateo County. The San Mateo County Health Foundation in partnership with San Mateo Medical Center hospital and clinics secures funding to support innovation and quality care for the 70,000 adults and children San Mateo Medical Center currently serves as well as those in our community seeking health care.

It is our sincere hope as you visit this website that you will want to get involved! A healthy community benefits all of us. – San Mateo County Health Foundation Board of Directors.

San Mateo County Health Foundation is a 501(c)(3) – Tax ID #94-3116070.